Applied Mathematics curriculum

March 6, 2013

Department of Mathematics and

At McCormick, we empower students to become whole-brain engineers by integrating elements of left and right-brain thinking.

The courses we offer provide the mathematical background needed to apply mathematics to solve problems that arise in a variety of engineering, scientific, and other disciplines. You can explore the full list of applied math course offerings in our course listing, and the full degree requirements in the undergraduate catalog.

A minimum number of 48 courses is required to earn the bachelor of science in applied mathematics degree. Among them are:

Core courses (32 courses)

  • Mathematics (4 courses)
  • Engineering analysis and computer proficiency (4 courses)
  • Basic sciences (4 courses)
  • Design and communications (3 courses)
  • Basic engineering (5 courses)
  • Social sciences/humanities (7 courses)
  • Unrestricted electives (5 courses)

Concentration Area (4 courses)

  • 300-level or higher leading to an approved concentration in an application area
  • The concentration area can be in engineering, mathematical social sciences (e.g., economics), pure mathematics, numerics, or the sciences

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