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January 14, 2016

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Question:Where do you do Web Design work? - Is this job limited to local markets?

I got the following question from Jim today:

Can I do web design all over the nation or I am I limited to face to face local market type of work?


The simple answer is that you can do Web design work for anyone who has a computer and a way to commission a job from you. I have done work for sites located in other countries, I have hired Web developers who lived several states away or in other countries than I worked in. I worked for six years as a remote employee doing Web development work and managing a Web team. At one point in my career, I was managing a site that had people working on it in Toronto, Ireland, Japan, Australia, China, Brazil, Florida, California, and Alaska (oh, and me in Washington state). My work for About.com is done from my home in Washington, but the About.com corporate offices are in New York City.

The challenge of doing remote work is getting the work in the first place.

On my most wide-spread project, the teams were brought together from all over the company to build the Web site. I started working remotely in a team that didn't have trouble with telecommuting, but I had been working for the company for two years before I went remote. And most of my freelance jobs have been with people I met in person at one time or another.

It is quite possible to get jobs with people who you've only met online, via email, or telephone. But chances are they heard of you from someone else who recommended you or your company. I don't think it's terribly common for businesses to hire Web designers they've never met based on a design company Web site alone.

You still have to do all the legwork that is common for any type of sales job - you're selling yourself and your design skills. And this is much easier to do in person.

Source: webdesign.about.com
Where do you do Web Design work? - Is this job limited to
Where do you do Web Design work? - Is this job limited to ...

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