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July 1, 2013

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Because technology in the classroom is more important than ever, teachers should know about the “Apple Education Pricing” program that offers product discounts to teachers of all grade levels.

The discounts apply to Apple software and Macintosh computers. However, not every product Apple makes is part of the special pricing for educators program. Many of the company’s most popular products, including iPods, iPads, and iPhones aren’t part of the program. Below is an overview of the program and how it works.

Discounts and eligibility

  • Apple education discounts are available to teachers online, at an Apple Store, or at Apple Authorized Campus Stores which are located at many universities and colleges. When buying online, you will need to select your school from a pull down menu that will be displayed once you type in your zip code. When buying in-person, you should bring identification.
  • Apple also offers some discounts for third party software and accessories like headphones, cases and digital cameras.
  • Apple does not require proof of eligibility when buying online, but may randomly request an ID or pay stub from the selected educational facility be submitted upon purchase. Purchases of over $50 are eligible for free shipping.

Discount availability and limits

  • Apple discounts Macintosh computers ranging from $50 to $100 each. They also offer discounts on some education software, but not all software qualifies for their education pricing.
  • Apple limits the number of education priced units per school year. Purchases of software and devices may be made as follows: One desktop, one notebook, two display monitors, and two software titles.

Discounts for Educational Institutions

Apple offers programs to schools to help keep Macintosh and iOS software updated. Districts and schools can save even more by licensing their Mac software throughout the entire building or even through the school district. This includes OS X, iLife and iWork.

While Apple’s educational pricing is limited to selected products and educational software, it can be worth pursuing. The specific products and discounts can change so you are encouraged to visit the Apple Educational Website for the latest updates.

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