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January 21, 2014

Redefining Education for the

Australian Educational Computing (AEC) is the refereed journal of the Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE) and is published twice a year.

All submissions should be via

Correspondence should be directed to:

The Editor
Australian Educational Computing
Dr Jason Zagami
School of Education and Professional Studies
Griffith University
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Journal Websites

The editorial board welcomes contributions in the form of original articles, letters, reports and reviews. AEC provides a vehicle for the publication of articles for which a national or international audience is appropriate. These fall into a number of categories. There are articles relating to research in the educational computing field and which are likely to be of interest to a wide cross-section of educators.

In addition there are many educators who are exploring new ideas about the use of computers in education and who are writing articles of national interest. The journal may also contain reprinted articles from international organisations such as ISTE and IFIP; however the majority of articles are of Australian content.

Twice a year in July and November AEC publishes general articles, research papers, and association news, into journal editions that are readable on digital devices and printable. Currently we will be publishing in iBook and PDF formats and these are available from the ACCE website at .

Research is published via the OJS, visit where Refereed/Reviewed papers can be submitted, tracked, edited and published. Accepted articles will then be immediately available on the OJS database.

General article on teaching practice or other areas of interest to computer education professionals are submitted via Non Refereed/Reviewed papers that will be considered for publication in the next journal edition in July or November.

  • Refereed/Reviewed papers can be articles relating to research, theoretical articles, position or policy papers.
  • Non Refereed/Reviewed papers can be papers relating to practice or policy.
  • Authors should ensure that their manuscript conforms to the American Psychological Association (APA6) bibliographic convention.
  • Generally authors should aim for articles of 4000 words.
  • Articles should include an abstract of 100-150 words.
  • Articles should generally be submitted in the Microsoft Word or Apple Pages file formats.
  • Authors should include a brief autobiographical statement on the submission form and upload as a file attachment (to their bio submission) a current photograph (ideally 1024 pixels in JPEG or PNG formats).
  • Authors should include a reference list in APA format on the submission form with each reference separated by a blank line.
  • Authors may also submit additional material such as research data or multimedia.
  • To ensure the integrity of the blind peer-review for submission to AEC, every effort should be made to prevent the identities of the authors and reviewers from being known to each other. This involves authors, editors, and reviewers (who upload documents as part of their review) checking to see if the following steps have been taken with regard to the text and the file properties:
  1. Authors have deleted their names from the text, with "Author" and year used in references instead of the authors' name, article title, etc.; and
  2. Metadata in document files that shows the author of the document has been removed.
  • Papers contributed for the Refereed/Reviewed sections will be anonymously refereed by at least two members of the Editorial Board. All submitted material will pass through an editorial phase to maintain journal standards and balanced coverage.
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UTS: Australian Computer Society (ACS) Interview
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The Australian Computer Society should be disbanded

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