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August 8, 2017

Cloud Computing Solutions for

Today's IT professionals in educational institutions need to respond quickly to increasing demands from students and faculty, while coping with fixed or declining budgets and staff. In this challenging environment, cloud-based computing has become an increasingly attractive option for delivering education services more securely, reliably, and economically.

Cisco Cloud for education combines Cisco Unified Data Center, Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network, and innovative cloud services into an integrated architecture that helps educators deliver highly secure, cloud-based services.

Benefits of Cisco Cloud for Education include:

  • Reshaping teaching by extending interactive multimedia learning environments to anyone, anywhere
  • Accelerating delivery of administrative services
  • Simplifying operations, saving time, and cutting cost
  • Reducing risk and strengthening security

Cloud Solutions That Meet Your Needs

Every school, college or university has its own specific needs and implementation preferences. For that reason, we offer a wide range solutions and services to make it easy to build and deploy cloud networks, offer cloud services, or consume applications - from partner-hosted cloud networks to Cisco Collaboration Cloud.

Current Analysis Report: Cloud Collaboration Drives Business Value Across Industries

  • Cisco Unified Data Center
    It brings together computing, network, and storage resources into an integrated platform for delivery IT services within and between data centers.
  • Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network
    The Network enhances Cisco routing and switching solutions with cloud intelligence and integrates with Cisco Unified Data Center to create a platform for delivering cloud services to teachers, administrators, and students. It also connects your networks with other clouds and automates management.
  • Cisco Cloud Security
    Cisco SecureX Architecture provides context-aware security and policy enforcement in both traditional computing and cloud-computing environments.
  • Cisco Collaboration Cloud Portfolio
    These hosted applications and services are based on Cisco Unified Communications, Cisco TelePresence solutions, and customer contact, meetings, instant messaging, presence, and mobility applications. They provide a comprehensive, interactive, and compelling user experience.
  • Cisco Services
    Cisco Services supports Cisco Cloud with a portfolio of Cisco Cloud Enablement Services to help schools quickly realize the full value of cloud computing. Flexible terms help education leaders reduce the risk of moving to cloud-based service delivery.
Webanywhere Cloud Computing for Education and Businesses
Webanywhere Cloud Computing for Education and Businesses
Cloud Computing Education
Cloud Computing Education
Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

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