Educational Computer games for Preschoolers

November 2, 2016

Main Features and Skills

Madagascar My ABCsTeach preschoolers and kindergartners fundamental skills such as reading, listening, critical thinking and more with JumpStart Pet Rescue, an educational app loaded with fun! Get it now!

Master the ABCs with your favorite Madagascar characters – Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria! Help preschoolers learn phonics, letter recognition, and more with this exciting app. Get it now!

Madagascar Preschool Surf n’ Slide is an exciting slip-sliding adventure in learning where your little ones play with Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria, and the rest of the Madagascar gang! Get it now!

15 exciting games that will teach your preschoolers math, pre-reading, and critical thinking skills! What are you waiting for? Get it now!

The perfect tool to keep your preschooler engaged for hours, this mobile art game lets the little ones color more than 100 pictures, frame photos, and even make cards! Get it now!

JumpStart’s Fun Games for Preschoolers

Instill the love of learning in your preschooler with JumpStart’s free preschool games. JumpStart’s StoryLand has engaging learning and arcade games that will help your preschooler view learning as a fun-filled process and set the tone for the years to come. StoryLand offers 5 different worlds to play in, each world boasting of unique and engaging learning adventures. What’s more, these worlds introduce players to real-world skills such as shopping for groceries, adopting and caring for a pet, and other lessons appropriate for their age.

StoryLand While learning is an integral part of these games, they all score very high on the fun meter too! Preschoolers can go ride submarines, display their artistic skills, as well as play music to their liking. The learning games here help the young ones recognize letters and numbers. The Learning House located in StoryLand’s Neighborhood allows kids to choose from a selection of 16 exciting mini games. These games have been designed and developed to help them practice numbers and counting, letters, sorting, pattern recognition, comparing, following instructions, alphabet order, navigation, and lots more.

With over 70 games to choose from, StoryLand is the perfect game that lets your little ones sharpen and hone their preschool skills. All the games successfully achieve the fine balance between learning and fun, thus rendering themselves indispensable for the right development of preschoolers. Monkey Drop, Matching Duckies, Treasure Chest, Retell a Story, Connect the Stars, and Balloon Sorting are a few of the many engaging and fun learning games here at JumpStart.

With such a wide variety of preschool games available, parents can choose the games that match their kids’ unique interests. For example, boys and girls may prefer different types of online games.

JumpStart Pet RescuePreschool Games for Boys

Does your young boy love sports, building or racing? Boys at this age often gravitate toward games that involve these concepts and, luckily, there is a wide-selection of preschool games available that do just that! Look for games that mix your son’s favorite theme with learning and he’ll find out how fun learning can be!

Preschool Games for Girls

Does your little girl love fairy tales, dressing up, or animals? Girls at this age often gravitate toward games that involve these concepts and, luckily, there is a wide selection of preschool games available that do just that! Look for games that mix your daughter’s favorite theme with learning and she’ll find out how fun learning can be!

Online Preschool Games – The Advantages

Skip that extra trip to the store! You can find online kids games that are perfect for your family without leaving home. It is no secret that kids today are hooked to online games at a very young age. Guide preschoolers to play educational games and watch as they not only learn new concepts but also gain mastery over their motor skills. Online preschool games keep learning fun, exciting and fresh so that your kids will actually enjoy studying. Get started immediately and take advantage of the many benefits these games offer!

Reviews for StoryLand:

A great resource for parents ….Very appropriate for preschool and kindergarten, these (learning) games review key concepts and present material in several different and interactive ways…. Katie, at

Perfect for this age group …. My 5 year old loved the games in Storyland. It is perfect for preparing her for kindergarten for the fall. Her favorite games are the Critter Creator and Matching Ladybugs…. Natalie, at

Awesome world created especially for pre-schoolers …. She (my 3 year old) loves StoryLand, the world created especially for preschoolers!.There are many, many educational games that Emma loves to play and that teach thoroughly many concepts she’ll need to know and practice over time including the alphabet, numbers, phonics, memorization, critical thinking, and more… I really am impressed with JumpStart and can recommend it wholeheartedly! …. Lindsey, at

Madagascar Preschool Surf n' Slide JumpStart Preschool Magic of Learning
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