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September 6, 2016


The Mace Foundation was launched in November 2012. As a charitable company it works to enhance and increase the support Mace offers to disadvantaged people and communities. Mace has actively contributed to charities and not-for-profit organisations for a number of years.

The Foundation has been set up to build on this work in a number of different ways through four specific campaigns: education and employment; communities; health and wellbeing; and culture, heritage and sport. The Foundation invests in various ways including through strategic partnerships, supporting individual charities and not-for-profit organisations and one-off grants. It is directed by 13 trustees who work to uphold the vision and ambitions of the Foundation, ensuring its accountability and directing the Foundation to further its charitable objectives.

Our employees are at the forefront of the Foundation’s activity, contributing to and taking part in events and with their help our vision is to develop the Mace Foundation into a leading and effective charitable trust, helping to create opportunities, generate potential, supporting disadvantaged people and local communities.

The Mace Foundation is a charitable company administered under the Charities Commission. Our charity registration number is 1150134. The 2014 Mace Foundation Annual Review is now available to view.

The Mace Foundation has four main areas of campaigning:

Education and employment

Changing and supporting young disadvantaged people’s lives for the better through education and employment schemes is a key focus for the Mace Foundation. From apprenticeship programmes, to access to training and mentoring processes within Mace and providing tools for vocational careers, the Foundation is focused on enabling young people to find permanent employment, primarily within the construction sector, and help them build exciting, rewarding careers.


Realising our responsibility to the communities in which our business makes an impact the Mace Foundation is continually identifying programmes and schemes where we can effectively give back to people and invest in the long term support of wider disadvantaged parts of society. This means providing financial support to community investment programmes, as well as running pro-bono and volunteering work through our employees, supporting specific activities such as the Mace volunteer week, which in 2012 focused on community regeneration and the enhancement of local biodiversity.

Health and wellbeing

Our support of health programmes, charities and not-for-profit organisations which provide critical health infrastructure and essential research and development is part of the Foundation’s support of people and communities locally and internationally. From improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation in some of the world’s poorest areas to supporting the provision of local respite centres and essential medical assistance the Foundation seeks to make real impact on people’s wellbeing and the development of healthy environments.

Culture, heritage and sport

The Mace Foundation is working with cultural and sporting institutions and heritage bodies in order to promote and encourage access for all parts of society. From supporting events and programmes which inspire and stimulate creativity, to developing individuals through specific training and sporting activities we are committed to investing in the development of artists, musicians and athletes and actively being part of initiatives that provide fun, positive and life-changing experiences for young people.


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