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January 17, 2018

Patty Sisco: STAAR has gone

MAXIMUS is committed to helping you provide high-quality education and services for students with special needs. Through the TIENET Special Education Case Management System (SECM) — the most sophisticated IEP software package available today — you can manage the entire special education process, while ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations, including the IDEA 2004 reauthorization and No Child Left Behind.

TIENET SECM delivers a Web-based, customizable case management system for managing and monitoring the entire special education process, including pre-referral, eligibility, IEP development, service documentation, reporting to parents, 504 plans, English Language Learners, and personalized education programs, as well as support for Medicaid billing.


Developed in conjunction with special education and IEP experts, the TIENET SECM is a powerful special education case management solution to help you provide quality educational services to students with special needs.

Seamless Integration

The first completely Web-based exceptional education application, TIENET SECM is fully interoperable and fits within your current technology infrastructure for seamless integration.

Fits Any Size

Built with scalability in mind, TIENET SECM fits all sizes of organizations, from small districts to statewide school systems.

Maintain Compliance

TIENET SECM imposes your specific federal and state mandates for special education to help you maintain compliance, and adjusts as federal and state rules change.

Customized to Your Requirements

Based on your special education program’s unique needs, TIENET SECM lets you create and refine system elements such as forms, document types, tables, workflows and "guided actions" that coach users into creating compliant materials.

Analyze and Share Data

TIENET SECM facilitates both standard and ad hoc reporting, allowing you to analyze underlying report data, and uses e-mail features to share reports with designated recipients.

Increase Workflow, Collaboration, and Knowledge Sharing

TIENET SECM facilitates workflow, collaboration and information sharing with enhanced communication features that allow you to send and receive messages, create automated notifications, participate in discussion groups, and schedule meetings.

Source: www.maximus.com
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