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August 2, 2015

CS Fully Online Degree

Oregon State Online Computer Science students talk about the programThis program in computer science is geared to individuals who have a bachelor’s degree in any field, so no previous computer science training is required. The goal of the program is to provide a degree to students from diverse academic backgrounds to enter the computer science field which has a high demand for skilled professionals. The program is offered by the School of EECS and delivered by Oregon State’s Ecampus.

Unique and Flexible Features

  • Students take 60 credits of computer science courses in order to graduate. No general education courses are required.
  • All the courses in the program are offered every term, so students can start any term.
  • Students can choose from a variety of track plans including 1-year, 1.5-year, 2-year, 3-year and 4-year track options.

Career Exploration and Networking

The program integrates and emphasizes career development through projects, weekly newsletters and career networking opportunities with company recruiters.

The program is enriched with a database of videos of industry representatives speaking about their jobs and the projects they work on, the importance of skills like collaboration and communication, and lessons they learned in school that help them in their current jobs.

Additionally, twice a year the online students can attend a Career Showcase where they have the opportunity to interact with industry recruiters from over 20 companies. The full gamut of industry is represented — from large established companies to start-ups, in areas as diverse as healthcare to entertainment.

Source: eecs.oregonstate.edu
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