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November 1, 2013

Technology Is Giving Dogs

Welcome to Lakeland Community College's department of information technology & computer science. The mission of the information technology and computer science department is to provide quality education through a cohesive set of well-researched and designed courses, workshops, and programs that are responsive to employer and community needs and that:

  • Prepare graduates with knowledge and skills necessary to assume the roles and responsibilities of an IT professional and/or further their education within a bachelor's degree program in computer information systems or computer science.
  • Provide certificate students with a subset of an associate degree program and/or a concentrated focus on a set of occupational knowledge and skills.
  • Upgrade and/or enhance the knowledge and skills of existing IT professionals within the community.
  • Prepare students for successful completion of industry standard certification exams.
  • Serve the need for specialized computer-related training within other programs within the college.
  • Meet the general computer literacy and skill development needs of students within the college.
JMU Computer Science Women in Technology
JMU Computer Science Women in Technology
Governor pushes technology, computer science in Arkansas
Governor pushes technology, computer science in Arkansas
Computer Science Engineering
Computer Science Engineering

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