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February 9, 2015


Education rules the nation! Kindergartens, schools, colleges, universities give us a chance to become a part of social life. They broaden our horizons and teach us how to be who we are. Some people spend the whole life studying something, mastering their skills and increasing their IQ level.

The reason why we decided to talk about educational website design is the relevancy of this topic in the modern world. Educational websites gain their popularity day by day. Choosing the right school or kindergarten for their kids, parents mostly rely on Internet resources. The same situation touches student audience, too. Different researches have proved that users make aesthetic decisions about the overall visual impression of any web page in as little as 50 milliseconds. The importance of first impression can play a great role for your web service. Taking into account that the potential visitors of such websites are mostly young people, website owners have to follow all the newest trends of Educational website style. A weighty part in this case also takes information. Site has to be a source of any kind of information concerning educational process, conditions and regulations.

Let us make it clear: what makes educational sites successful?

  1. Call-to-action. The goal of your site is to involve more clients to your school, kindergarten, etc. Make them want to visit your institution. Show the advantages of it, use more photo and video materials.
  2. Well-built structure. Education services tend to have a lot of content including schedules, documentation for each program, reports and so on. Make sure your content is easy to search around and features clear navigation that makes sense to your visitors.
  3. Make it look smart. The visitors associate your website with what your school does. The better it is presented online, the better opinion the visitors will have about your work.

When it comes to educational templates which can fit the general view of your educational organization, it shouldn’t be a platform to show off performance – everything has to be wisely balanced.

Today we will try to showcase you the most popular educational trends in design based on our templates collection that you may find interesting to apply for your future service:

Vivid And Eye-Catchy Design

Bright design better suits educational sites for kids. There is nothing more friendly than colorful and jolly childish site design like this. Childhood is the happiest time for your children and they have to spend it in a friendly atmosphere.

Responsive Design

Motivative Design

If some people visit your site for a purpose, the other just accidentally come across it. In both cases your site design has to motivate them to get some knowledge, to involve visitors into what your institution does, to show them that you are the coolest place to get education in town!

Trends are not a steady thing, they come and go, but design principles always stay inviolable. Keeping this fact in mind will help you to build successful high school and university websites.

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