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April 12, 2016

Applications for Education

UniversitiesThe world is changing rapidly. Just when we were just getting used to seeing websites came mobile phones, now screens have gone into our eyeglasses. With the web design world changing almost every day, it’s almost daunting to think how one learns web design.

Of course, when it comes to learning, there are a lot of avenues to choose from, and sometimes it’s not a matter of availability of such avenues (or the lack of them) but one’s desire to learn

But what is the best way to learn web design?

In this article, we will delve into the more popular ways on how one learns the art of designing websites. We will try to note the advantages and disadvantage of each method of learning and hopefully, come up with an end result.


Since the boom of the internet, more and more information technology and computer-related jobs have become more prevalent. And with the rise of such demand of manpower, calls for a lot of students. That is why more universities have funded the propagation of design-related programs.

Online CoursesAlthough contrary to the common thought, universities offer benefits for web designers. If a student chooses to enter the university, he will have to study the basics of web design. He will learn from teachers the fundamentals of color, type, composition, and maybe, a few coding languages.

With this, and with the help of projects and tight deadlines, students are conditioned to work under pressure without sacrificing the quality of work. This is somehow a foreshadowing of what the real word looks like, and when the time comes where clients are dealt with and workloads go heavy, it becomes a bitter but fruitful brunt.

In addition, universities are filled with professors that can mentor, critique or appreciate your work. This becomes an advantage because you’re allowed to make bigger mistakes with lesser the cost because you can tweak your style and methods without sacrificing potential clients.

Source: designmodo.com
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