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September 1, 2015

Adobe Photoshop

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“Geoff’s expert teaching has guided me through the journey of learning web design. I started out as a complete beginner, but with Geoff’s excellent training, I graduated at the top of my 3-year college program in just 2 years, which I could not have done otherwise (in fact, his training was to a much higher standard than my school’s). Now after learning so much with Geoff, I’ve gained a full time job as a web designer. Geoff helped get me that break, which I’m sure without his help simply wouldn’t have happened.” -Ian

“Your videos supercharged my ability to customize WordPress for my clients who are extremely happy with the results. In fact, I am now turning down client requests because my work is in huge demand — all as a result of watching your videos which made it so easy to learn what I needed to know to take my clients’ sites — and therefore my business — to the next level of success.” -Chris

“This course gave me a solid, strong foundation in web design and coding to build upon. I can now troubleshoot code more easily, and build pages and sites from scratch, whereas before I was just too intimidated. Well paced, easy to follow. Awesome course!” -Doug

“After having a bad experience with a web designer and failing in my search for a class or a simple easy book I got lucky and found Geoff’s videos. They’re so well done, simple, clear, not too fast, not too slow. After watching them I was able to get hard to work on my own projects. I fired my web designer and saved tons of money. Geoff is also the nicest, coolest, honest, and most helpful guy you could want. I can’t say enough good things!” -Brigitte

Source: www.tentononline.com
[PDF] Learning Web Design w/Adobe CS5 [Read] Online
[PDF] Learning Web Design w/Adobe CS5 [Read] Online
Web Designer -- Formação E-learning (Online)
Web Designer -- Formação E-learning (Online)

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